3 years later

this brought tears to my eyes.

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April 9th 2012

today i just went back to school after spring break. it went by really fast. and awesome. seeing all of my friends again. the whole day im probably just gonna watch Daria the whole day. and just chill downloading music on my iPod. i want to watch Sick Sad World. if Daria likes it then i will. we both have like the same sense of humor. shes amazing. Daria is soooo funny.

April 3 2012

today was AMAZING!!! i went to my aunts house and just chilled for a little while she finished cleaning her house. we later went to my Godmothers house and went to the mall. we just walked around andi was on a mission. a mission to buy Daria The complete animated series! and i found it and i GOT IT!!! that was the highlight of my day. right now ive been watching Daria for the past hour…..AMAZINGNESS

April 2 2012

today was not that awesome. all i did was clean my room. and then i was chilling the rest of the day. but when i took Cash out (the dog im taking care of for my uncle) and i saw that new people were moving in across the street. and i saw a guy who looks like he would be my age. its amazing!!!! and my best friend asked me to go to see the Hunger Games with her on Thursday!!! so we r gonna go and before that we r gonna watch an old episode of the Power-Puff Girls. BYE!!! I LOVE YOU!! ESPECIALLY IF YOURE EVEN READING THESE!!

march 31 2012

today was pretty good. had church and that was good. tomorrow gonna go to church again. got movies to watch this week. i got Glee the movie, the green lantern, and transformers. rise of the dark moon. and i have 2 games, just dance 3 for the wii. and Mario kart for my DS im a video game person….i am a nerd on the inside. ha. well my best friend started texting me again. we had a fight a while ago and now we r good. well. im gonna watch the green lantern right now with my dad. woop!!! fire swagg right next to me..nice and toasty. :D

another day……another problem. oh well!! hopefully todays a good day!!!:D


i like to think about all of the good things in life. like my family friends, and all the good times ive had in my life.

we all have the ability to choose whats right and wrong…some people just choose not to